In 2007,  we embarked on a journey along with help from the Steven's Correctional Facility and various inmates.

The purpose of the journey:

To educate youth on the dangers of substance abuse and to stress the importance of making the right life-choices.

We had special help from Joe McFann, who was at the time an inmate housed at Steven's.  Joe helped us collect the letters, proofread, and organize.

A Look Through Our Eyes

Our preview of the booklet was so popular with our Coalition we decided to have a few printed. 

We donated a few to our local library branches, schools and churchs who work with youth, particularly in drug affected areas.

The books cost $25 each for individuals plus $5 S&H.  Group rates are $20 per book for orders of 10 or more.  Proceeds will go to produce more booklets and assist with the Coalition's ATOD prevention efforts. 

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Inital Funding by DHHR, SAMHSA, DHHS, and the ONDCP.
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